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After years of using the same type of mops to clean our floors, our family decided that something new was needed. There had been new ideas and new products in nearly every area of home cleaning over the past half century but very few innovations in how un-carpeted floors were cleaned.

Of course, there have been variations of the standard mop; we saw the invention of the twist mop, the hands-free wring mop, different types of mop heads and recently a major player in household cleaning came out with a spray mop. The spray mop was a wonderful advancement but there were a couple of problems—an entirely new cleaning receptacle was needed when it ran out and the manufacturer of the mop was the only place you could get replacement cloths for the cleaning head.

So we came up with the Wiz Mop, a unique innovation that gives you the cleaning power you want and need while allowing you to use your own cleaning solution. You can opt to use your own cloths on the cleaning head if you prefer. We wanted a mop that a person could use without constantly having to order supplies for it and we got that in the Wiz Mop.

We hope you enjoy your Wiz Mop. We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that the Wiz Mop is the only tool you will need or want when it comes to cleaning your floors and windows. Plus, the Wiz Mop is lightweight and so easy to handle that you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your home.